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Omaha Beef & Seafood Direct to your Door

What You Get

Aging is an important process when it comes to steak, it improves two major meat characteristics- the taste and tenderness of the beef. When you shop with Omaha Beef and Seafood, you can be guaranteed that all our Prime and Premium Choice beef is USDA Grade-A, and aged for 21 days.​


The Finest Cuts of Meat

From the Great Plains of Omaha Nebraska to your front door. A delicious assortment of juicy, aged great American Streaks. Some places sell the sizzle not the steak. We do both. 


From The Ocean To Your Door

Can’t have the Turf without the Surf. We like to get selective with our seafood pack. We change it up often and keep our customers happy with a full array of seasonal choices. 


We've Got All The Bases Covered

We are the one stop shop for all premium meats and seafood. Which not only includes beef and seafood, but chicken and pork as well. Making life easier for our customers.

Our Process


Step 1

We hand trim our steaks

Only pay for what you eat


Step 2

Individually Vacuum Sealed

Convenient & always fresh


Step 3

Flash Freeze

Locks the flavor in seconds


Step 4

Delivered directly to you

From butcher block to your door


Choose Omaha Beef & Seafood

We only distribute USDA inspected beef that has been aged 27 days to perfection, providing you with delicious restaurant-quality steaks. 

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