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Omaha Beef and Seafood is a homegrown company based out of Freemont, NE. We’ve been in business since 1996 and are one of the nation's largest wholesalers of pre-packaged gourmet proteins.


Our founders believe in and built the company on the human touch principle. Omaha Beef and Seafood is an owner-operated company that the founders still oversee and run the day-to-day business.

There is no sign up fee’s or membership fees to shop and save like a large restaurant. We don’t sign clients up or lock them in with reoccurring contracts. Omaha Beef and Seafood will never bombard our clients with spam emails, mass mailings or try to friend you on social media. We let our product and service speak for itself and we are confident you will tell your friends about us. Our first priority is always to provide clients with quality product and save money.

All of our steaks are from the US, cut in the US, and packaged in the US. When it comes to meat, made in America is the only thing you want to have. Our Founders believed in the product and our service. They also come from a hospitality background and are professionals in making their clients happy.

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