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Don't just take our word for it. Listen to our customers!


Jack S
Queensbury NY 4/1/22

Ordered 2, 6 packs at the beginning of COVID. I really liked the fact it was delivered, purchased the steak and chicken. Didn’t realize until I unpacked it the amount that was given to me, but since it was vacuumed sealed, I wasn’t worry about any of it going bad as long as I kept it frozen. Steaks were amazing and the chicken was perfectly proportioned. Can’t wait to try the seafood next.

Amelia M
Boston MA 3/29/22

My family and I recently moved to Boston. Our next-door neighbors invited us to a cookout. My husband had me ask my neighbors where did they get the meat from. They told us this company from online. So, they very next day we ordered the steak and pork package from them. We literally didn’t have to buy steak and Pork for three months and for a family of four that is extremely important to us.

Gary W
Willimantic CT 3/21/22

Very satisfied with the meat don’t even buy from the grocery store since I found this company plus, they deliver.

William T
Scranton PA 3/7/22

Been ordering from this company ever since the beginning of the pandemic. They deliver for free and the amount of meat we get definitely beats any supermarkets price let alone the quality. More importantly the wife absolutely approves LOL.

Elena C
Hamburg NJ 2/15/22

My brother in NY has been telling our entire family about this company. I figured we would finally give them a shot since we have two teenage boys that eat us out of a house and home. I couldn’t believe the amount of steak and chicken we received, it lasted us over two months. Steaks were out of this world and the chicken was great.

John H
Sioux Falls SD 2/3/22

Unfortunately my wife and I live over an hour away from the grocery store, so our grandchildren that live in Florida brought to our attention that we could order meat from the company they use Omaha Beef and Seafood. They delivered it right to our door and was stocked up for six months with steaks and seafood. Highly recommend this company.

Mike R
Lubbock TX  1/16/22

Highly recommend this company if you looking for Quality meat at a quality price the supermarket by me always have let me down.

Mark P
San Diego CA 1/9/22

Ordered my parents the steak and seafood package for Christmas. That’s all they have been talking about for the last week. Highly recommend this company.

Carmin W
Spokane W 1/5/22

The delivery guy Joe advised me to cook the steaks from frozen. I forgot, I cooked them after they were thawed out and did think they weren’t that great. The next day I called the customer support line. The representative reminded me to cook them from frozen; since they are flashed frozen. Due to my surprise, I got a totally different result. They were juicy and succulent. I can see why you are supposed to cook these steaks from frozen. They even sent me a new box to replace the ones I messed up.

Earl G
White Haven, PA 9/19/21

Very Satisfied with Beef. My wife and I are a little older and not in great health so during the pandemic we decided to give these guys a shot because we had heard good things. We first tried the steaks and we loved them. Next order we got the Steak, Chicken and Seafood. Very satisfied. They have helped us fill our freezers without fear of going to the grocery store. They are a Godsend!

Colleen P
Middletown, NY 8/3/21

Ordered the Omaha Beef and Seafood pack for my in-laws during a Christmas promotion they were running. They loved the product.  I had the pleasure of trying them for myself and they are way better than the junk they got in the supermarket!  Just made another order for myself right now!

Laura E
Bedford Hills, NY 6/6/21

Really nice steaks. Will buy again!

Jose O.
Riverhead, NY 2/7/21

As a family of five, we are always looking for a way to feed everyone delicious but affordable meals. We order our chicken, beef and seafood from OBS because it saves us money and everyone loves it. It’s restaurant quality for less. 

Todd H
Saratoga, NY 7/8/20

I used to buy of a local truck who would come buy hadn’t seen them in years then one day a real nice women colleen stopped by my house and was servicing some of my neighbors. I only bought one box of beef. I’ve purchased several times since February I’m not a reviews guy but since covid they’ve been a life saver. My wife and I have COPD and we couldn’t get out. We love the beef and chicken I just got the pork I’ll leave a review on that.

Tiesha R.
Winter Haven, FL 3/30/20

I was very skeptical at first with frozen steaks. I remember my grandparent’s getting steaks like these at Christmas every year. So, I gave it a try. Well, let me say they are Phenomenal. I like the way they are cut and sealed I’m a busy woman and I hate going to sams club on the weekend. Life saver. 

Donna D
Lynchburg, VA 3/22/20

Great service and great products. I like their little delivery trucks too. Brought it right to my house feels like the milkmen in the old days.

Karen W.
Poughkeepsie, NY 2/18/20

My girlfriend referred me to the company. I had a small issue with my 4th order some of the vacuum seals popped. They gave me a whole free box I’m not a complainer and a felt bad but they really deliver on their promise.

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