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8 to 10- six ounce Lemon Pepper white wine Marinated Breast- These tender chicken breasts have the perfect balance or citrus and spice. You can serve them however you please grilled, fried, or fresh off the pan. These will be a hit at your next family dinner!

8 to 10- six ounce Herb and Garlic Rubbed Skinnless boneless natural Breast- These juicy and delicious chicken breasts are perfect for someone with a simple pallet. Not overwhelming but has the perfect amount of flavor to satisfy your needs.

8 to 10- six ounce Southwestern Mesquite Rubbed Skinnless Boneless Breast- The Southern Mesquite Boneless Breasts are for sure going to impress your family at the next barbeque. The aroma that comes from the grill as these chicken breasts are cooking will have your neighbors knocking to join the party.

8 to 10- six ounce Naked Skinless Boneless Breast- These succulent and tender chicken breasts are perfect for the last minute dinner date. You can customize them and make them however you like. A second date is guaranteed with these Chicken Breasts.

8- six ounce Italian Bruschetta Style Marinated skinless Boneless Breast- The Italian Bruschetta Style Skinless Boneless Breasts are a hit. The robust Italian flavors stand out with the subtle flavor of real Italian Olive Oil. Eating these chicken breasts make you feel as if you are dining in an Italian restaurant in the middle of Rome.

12- four ounce Hand Battered Chicken breast Tenderloin Fritters- Our hand battered chicken breasts are better than the ones you would get at your favorite Southern Comfort food restaurant. The crispiness of these chicken breasts when you take the first bite will have you appalled. So crispy on the outside, yet so juicy and moist on the inside.

Chicken Free Range Six Pack


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