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4- eight ounce USDA Natural Choice New York Strips- our stteaks outstrip those served in your favorite restaurant. A unique combination of flavor and tenderness has made the NY Strip a customer favorite. Ours are exceptionally well marbled, fine textured, and bursting with robust flavor.


4-nine ounce USDA Natural Choice Delmonico Ribeye- The Delmonico cute Rib Eyes are exceptionally well marbled to give them their hearty flavor. You will enjoy the succulent taste that these tender and juicy steaks will deliver.


8- eight ounce USDA Natural Certified Filet Mignon- A steakhouse favorite, ou filets are extremely tender, full-bodied, and are perfect grilled, broiled, pan seared or could be wrapped in a slice of your favorite bacon for an extra kick. Serve with a baked potato and your favorite vegetable for a steakhouse experience right at home!


8-five ounce USDA Natural Choice New York style Sirloin Steaks-( Our New York Style Sirloins will provide your familys dinner plate with mouth water flavor and texture. These steaks are versatile and can creatively be worked into any cultural dish or just plain old rubbed and grilled)



2-fourteen ounce- USDA Natural Certified Big Ol’ Daddy Porterhouse steaks- These are the King of all Steaks. You cannot resist the size and the flavor of these huge cuts.


12- four ounce USDA Natural Certified Chop Beef Steak Patties- These patties are 80 percent lean for incredibly moist delicious meals. Each is made from extra-lean, corn-fed beef so there is minimal shrinkage. Throw them on the grill, serve chicken-fried-steak style, or as a Salisbury Steak.

Steak Six Pack


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